Graphite Absorber

Graphite Absorber

We offer a wide range of graphite absorbers which are used in various chemical industries and are in compliance with various Environment Protection Standards and Recovery Benefits. It is manufactured using superior quality material and is durable, highly efficient, thermal shock resistant and corrosion resistant. Available in different models and specifications, it can also be custom designed as per the specifications provided by client Chemical reaction giving out HCL gas are common in chemical industry the absorption of this gas and concentrating it to HCL solution gives benefits of meeting environment protection standards and recovery benefits. But solution of hydrochloric acid in water liberates important quantity of heat (approx 450 k cal / kg of gas absorbed)

Efficiency of hydrochloric acid manufacture is therefore, a function of following three principal factors.

Operation film wise distribution of absorbent.

Water to be absorbed is uniformly distributed over the upper face of first process block by a special distributor block provided at the top of the column.

The absorbent descends as thin, absolutely uniform film down the passages of first block and collection the upper surface of the next block where it is again redistributed.

This is repeated at every subsequent block, until the absorbent is discharged through the lower end of the column, this ensures perfect redistribution of the absorbent film at every block interface breaking up therefore breaking of the film (as happens in straight tubular passages) is impossible.

This system ensures perfect distribution and correspondingly provides highest efficiency.

Gas turbulence

The gas to be absorbed is alternately compressed and expanded and so kept in a highly turbulent state.

Consequently, the gas molecule impinge with great energy on the absorbent film, producing highest absorption efficiency.


Taking full advantage of excellent thermal conductivity of graphite, highest heat exchange efficiency is obtained and reacting fluids in the process passages are maintained at lowest temperature.


By using falling film absorber one can get 30% HCL soln in single pass at low temperature. Achieving absorbed gas efficiency as high as 85% 90% thus minimizing pumping cost, this system is more efficient as compared to H. D. P. E. Packed column.

Salient Features

  • Made of Impervious Graphite
  • Falling film type.
  • Absorbs gas and converts it directly into 30% HCL Solution at low temperature.
  • Multiple blocks mounted one on another makes it possible to increase surface area of the equipments up to 30 meter square.
  • Consist of Entry Graphite Chamber, Distribution block, Multiple Process blocks and Exit Graphite Chamber.
  • Simple robust and easy to install tough construction.
  • Multiple passes can be provided on service sides.
  • Graphite has high compressive strength so metal plate apply compressive load on graphite
  • Simple design and easy dismantling as compared to circular blocks.
  • Flexibility of adding more blocks to increase heat transfer area.
  • Easy cleaning because of short channels.
  • Short channel lengths increases turbulence as a result avoids frequent deposits or fouling as compared to shell & tube type heat exchanges of same dimensions, cubical block type heat exchanger provides 2 to 5 times more heat transfer
  • Working conditions : Upto 5kg / cm2 pressure.
  • Resistant to thermal shock.

Model Of Impervious Graphite Cubical Blocks

Model Hold Data on Process Side(mm) Number of Holdes on Process Side Hold On DIA Service Side(mm) Number of Holdes on Process Side Surface Area on Process side(m)block
GP1 18 60 9 105 1
GP2 18 104 9 162 2
GP3 18 126 9 210 2.85
GP20 22 86 9 120 2.07
GP30 9 301 9 168 3
GP35 22 125 9 144 3.5
GP45 9 408 9 216 4.5
GP90 9 650 9 368 9