Graphite Tiles

Graphite Tiles

We are engaged in offering graphite tiles that are used for the internal lining of metal reactors. These are easy to maintain as compared to glass lined reactors and are excellent for heat transferring from jacked to vessel. These tiles are manufactured using high grade material and are used for both heating and cooling facilities.

The biggest benefit of graphite lined reactor over glass lined reactor is that even if some damage has occurred on lining, it is possible to do mend the damage by applying a small patch of lining work over the damaged area.

This can be accomplished in a single operation with graphite block type dilution cum cooling unit, unit consists of mixing head, which provides separate feed for concentrated sulphuric acid and dilution water. Block type cooling unit provided along with it serves to carry off the heat produced in the course of dilution.

Salient Features

  • Impervious Graphite tiles of Standard size of 210 x 75 x 10 mm.
  • Can be supplied by Graphite Based cement for fixing on Reactor/tank wall.
  • Multiple passes can be provided on service sides.
  • Corrosive Resistance.
  • Capable of being used in lining of Both, Heating and Cooling functions.
  • Reasonable Prices.
  • Easily possible to cut different sizes on site.
  • Repairable.