PTFE Graphite Re-Boilers

PTFE Graphite Re-Boilers

We are one of the leading manufacturers of wide range of graphite process equipments which also includes Graphite Reboilers that can handle corrosive fluid on both service as well as process side. Available in different shapes and sizes, these re boilers are used in multiple effect evaporators. We also consider the specifications provided by client regarding the shapes and loading conditions.

With the constant support of our expert team, we are engaged in offering a huge assortment of Heat Exchangers. This graphite heat exchanger is highly efficient in handling chemicals that are corrosive in nature. Due to its high thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, graphite serves as the ideal material for the construction of heat transfer equipment.

  • Fully made of graphite on both process as well as service sides.
  • MOC on service side being Graphite makes it possible to use corrosive fluids/gasses as utility medium.
  • Multiple units mounted one on another makes it possible to increase surface area of the equipments up to 90 meter square.
  • Simple robust and easy to install tough construction.
  • Consist of Entry Graphite Chamber, Distribution block, Multiple Process blocks and Exit Graphite Chamber.
  • Multiple passes can be provided on service sides.
  • Graphite has high compressive strength so metal plate apply compressive load on graphite
  • Simple design and easy dismantling as compared to circular blocks.
  • Flexibility of adding more blocks to increase heat transfer area.
  • Easy cleaning because of short channels.
  • Short channel lengths increases turbulence as a result avoids frequent deposits or fouling as compared to shell & tube type heat exchanges of same dimensions, cubical block type heat exchanger provides 2 to 5 times more heat transfe
  • Working conditions : Upto 5kg / cm2 pressure.
  • Resistant to thermal shock

Graphicarb graphite condensers can be supplied and used for a wide variety installations: direct contact or surface type, mounted horizontally or vertically, freeze condensation or conventional condensation type

  • Iso-Graphite
  • Molded Graphite
  • Extruded Graphite
  • Vibration Molded Graphite.
  • Further Processing Graphite, such as Impregnated Graphite, Oxidation Resistant Graphite, etc.