Graphite Wipers For Wfe

Graphite Wipers For Wfe

The graphite wipers available with us represents a unique combination of physical and chemical properties. These are available in different sizes and specifications and have good mechanical and sliding properties.

A Thin Film Evaporator consists of a jacketed cylindrical heating section, a top vapor section with an entrainment separator, a top cover with mechanical seal housing and roller bearings, and a bottom conical section housing the lower bearing.

We make wipers for all type of rotor designs example rotor with radially moving wipers. In a wiped film evaporator, internally revolving rotor equipped with our wipers or blades provides best internal distribution and rapid transport of the product film over the heated area. This caused fast evaporation.

Salient Features

Furthermore, certain physical characteristics can be matched to given specifications by varying the raw materials and the manufacturing processes. We can supply a wide range of graphite WIPERS with following features:

  • Can be supplied upto 400mm long wipers.
  • Temperature resistance upto 1200 deg cent.
  • Best lubricating and sliding properties to prevent wear of evaporator’s cylinder .
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Prompt deliveries
  • Huge quantities can be supplied.